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Discount Real Estate Brokers
Here's what they don't tell you and what you should know about listing your home with a discount real estate broker...

While discount real estate brokers/agents claim to save you thousands in commission while selling your home, some fail to inform you that the increased exposure you can receive by listing with a non-discount broker can not only account for the difference in
commission, but put more $$$ in your pocket after selling expenses are paid.
   Some even go so far as to indicate that there is a generally accepted commission charged for a real estate transaction (this is untrue... they know that real estate commissions are negotiable, but they lead you to believe that all full service brokers/agents charge 6%).  A very deceitful practice if you ask me.  Their claimed "savings" is always based upon the assumption that if you hired a full service agent, you'd pay 6%.

Key point to remember:
When you choose a discount real estate broker to list your home, you risk not reaching
the buyer who will offer the most $$$. 

Some Realtors
® prefer not to show & sell listings offered by
discount brokers due to the reputation they have within the real estate
community for offering inadequate compensation to the buyers' agent for bringing a buyer to the deal.  Example:  The home buyer who may offer you the most for your
home may be working with one of these Realtors
®, and if their Realtor®
chooses not to show your home... you won't be receiving an offer from them. 
In other words, don't lose a lot of money by trying to save a little.

Many home sellers list their home with a discount broker and after being
unsuccessful, hire a full-service, non-discount broker which
subsequently provides the service and result they expected in the first place. 
Knowing this, it isn't surprising that some discount brokerages claim that
their agents are salaried.  Here again is another detriment to a seller working with a discount broker/agent: Their salaried agents get paid.... ready?.... EVEN IF YOUR HOME DOESN'T SELL!  In other words, their salaried agents don't have a vested interest in the successful sale of your home, whereas the full service broker/agent must sell your home at the sellers' desired terms before he/she makes a penny!

Do yourself a favor, hire a full service broker/agent to represent you in the marketing and sale of your home.  The additional dollars you invest for the assistance of an expert will come back to you several times over.

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Discount Real Estate Brokers

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