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Door knocking tutorial for Real Estate Agents

Real estate door knocking & the average agent

he average real estate agent either:

1.  Doesn't realize the potential of door knocking, or

2.  Doesn't feel comfortable knocking on doors and possibly bothering the home owner.

If you categorize yourself in either of the above categories, this real estate door knocking article is for YOU!

The Key to door knocking
The key to door knocking is to always bring something of value to the homeowner. This is a key element that should not be overlooked. The neighborhood's recently sold prices are the most well received piece of information that owners enjoy receiving. It'll be a rare day when you meet someone who isn't ecstatic to receive a printout of the homes that have sold in the neighborhood recently.

The First Step
The first step to successful door knocking in real estate is to target a specific neighborhood. You may decide to knock a high dollar neighborhood, a high turnaround neighborhood, a neighborhood about 2-3 years old, etc. Then, print up that area's comps. Place the comps *without folding them* (papers without crinkles/seams look much more professional than folded ones) into a 9" x 12" envelope along with a few other items:

A copy of your profile/background/services offered.

A small stack of business cards.

A copy of a couple of real estate articles that you've collected (i.e. "Heavens Real Estate Tips For Sellers", etc.).

The profile or screenshot of the homepage of your website with URL prominently displayed.
If you don't have a real estate website, get one.  They're inexpensive and keep your clients from searching the website of a competing agent in your area.

A directory of tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, gutter cleaners, etc.  Make sure they service the area you've targeted.

Buy a messenger bag (a plain, black one) at an office supply store for $25.00.  Fill it up and start door knocking!

Really want to impress them???  Take a list of homeowners for the neighborhood (printed from tax records, or provided by your title company) and ask for each homeowner by name.

The Downside
Door knocking is very hard work. Lots of walking. Lot's of preparation.  Dogs Barking.  No Soliciting Signs.  Costs of handout materials.      

The Upside
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