Top Tips for Home Renovation

Renovating your home can be both exciting as well as overwhelming. Follow these simple tips to ensure you build your dream home and do not create a mad house! You can make the changes in your home to suit your changing family needs and desires without breaking the bank and going crazy.

Plan: The first tip for a successful project is to plan ahead. Plan what you want to accomplish, how much money you have to work with to achieve your goals and how you plan to meet your goals. Do you plan to use a contractor or can you make your home improvements yourself? Will your project require a plumber or an electrician? A thorough and prepared plan will offer the control over the project you need to not feel overwhelmed and out of control should delays or problems occur.

Round Up: When figuring the finances you will need, and the time it will take you, avoid cutting yourself short; always round up! When securing your budget for your project it is always a good idea to estimate about 25% more than what you think you will need. When planning the timeline for your project you should allow for an additional 30 percent. If you find yourself close to budget there are a few options that you can seek that can ease the budget. One option is to look into the discount outlets for discount kitchen sinks, stainless steel sinks and appliances as well as building materials. Items such as drywall, paneling, tile and even laminate flooring can often be found at discount outlets.

Estimate Your Time: Having a good idea of what to expect in regards to how long a project is expected to take will also give you a sense of control. Allow extra time in your project for delays and mishaps and estimate your time realistically. On November 1 you may think it is reasonable to want your kitchen renovated by Thanksgiving dinner and perhaps it is. If you plan for just a fresh coat of paint and maybe new flooring this can quite possibly be accomplished in just a few weeks time. However, if you want to install granite countertops and an undermount kitchen sink as well as new paint and flooring you may find your estimate is unrealistic. Unrealistic estimates for your time can set you up for a lot of stress and disappointments.

Prepare for the Unexpected: It is true, anything can happen. Being prepared for what may occur can help you avoid undue stress. Prepare for a place to stay if a major renovation project should go awry such as a pipe bursting or a need for the gas or electric to be shut off. When you begin dismantling a room to remodel you may find major issues that need to be addressed; perhaps the electric is not up to code or you find evidence of water damage or dry rot. This will require added finances as well as additional time; both of which can overwhelm even the prepared.

Take it Easy: The final and possibly most important tip offered is to take it easy and relax. Major projects can be overwhelming for the entire family as everyone tries to live around the mess and clutter of home renovations. Planning to take the family to a hotel on a few weekends can help avoid undue stress and family strife and rejuvenate everyone for the long road ahead.

When all is said and done your home will be the place you want to be. Avoid resentments by keeping a smile on your face and knowing that this is your home, your sacred space and you are creating it in the manner in which you desire. It will take time, it will take finances and it will take creativity and in the end it will be worth it.

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Home Renovation Tips