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Complimentary Inclusion Program instructions

Step 1
Add the banner shown below to your website.  To do this, paste the following block of HTML text (in red) below to your website HTML (if you need help, email support@ homefindinginfo.com.:

<a href="http://www.homefindinginfo.com">
<img src="http://www.homefindinginfo.com/images/hfi%20banner.jpg"
border=1 alt="Home value and other real estate resources" width="288" height="51"></a>

The banner should look like this on your site:


Step 2
Email Homefindinginfo.com at AgentUpload@homefindinginfo.com with the following:
1.  The web address to your website so we may approve your site
2.  Your photo (jpg, jpeg, or gif) 500k max
3. Your company, address, phone, fax, cell (if applicable), & email address

Once we approve your compliance with our requirements, we will add your information to the city in which your office is located (usually within 24 hours).

 Please visit our agent resources often and participate in our Discussion Forum.



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