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                           How To Calculate Home Value
REGarde 08/03


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  If you're looking to calculate home value, then you've found the right place!

  In order to calculate your home value, you will have to consider many things. Here is a partial list...

1. Condition of the home
2. Size of home
3.  Size of lot
4.  Age of the home
5.  Location of the home
6.  Value of recent home sales in the area similar to your home
7.  Number of other homes currently for sale in your area

There are many variables in the procedure to calculate your home value.  You've probably heard the old saying, "It's only worth what someone is willing to pay".  Well, since you have to sell your home in order to figure out what someone is willing to pay, it's a bit debatable what your home is worth prior to actually selling it.

Our recommendation... Don't attempt to calculate the value of your home on your own.  When you try to calculate your home value on your own, you run the risk of calculating too high, or too low... both of which can cost you money.  Additionally, many of the online options for calculating your home value can be more confusing than informing as most online sites use incomplete data to calculate home value.

Here are the home valuation options we recommend...

1.  Hire a professional appraiser (usually runs $350 to $450)
2.  get a free home valuation at...


You may not need to calculate your home value if you are thinking of a cash out refinance of your home.  A wide variety of home loans and secondary home loans now makes it less important for you to strictly calculate your home value.  Here are a few links to show you how to calculate mortgages on your own.

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Refinance Calculator
Debt Consolidation Calculator
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