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Why searching for a Home Value Estimator can get you in trouble...

  As you may find on the vast information souce known as the internet, there are many home value estimators available online.  Most of them are so small that you'll never find them from a home value search.  The home value estimators which get the most internet traffic get the most press, but as you will soon find... these estimators rarely live up to their expectations.

Why you ask?

The home value estimators that are done using a computer algorithm are designed to harvest information from various sources and then calculate value based on many variables.  Unfortunately, they rarely take into consideration all crucial factors.  A few of these would be demand of the area, lot size dynamics, age of the home being valued, number of homes currently available in the area, and available financing for the subject home just to name a few.  Additionally, there are some information sources which do not publish to the web for several days, weeks, or months.  The home value estimators we speak of often do not have access to this information do to the automated process they utilize in providing a home value.

What should I do?

The ONLY reliable way to know the actual value of your home is to have a professional evaluate your home.  There are two options available which allow a personal evaluation of home value...

1.  Hire a licensed appraiser (usually in the neighborhood of $350)

2.  Get a valuation from a licensed real estate professional from (cost = $0 - yes, it's FREE)

Why is it free?

Top Rated Professional in your area understands that giving back to the community is at the heart of successful business professionals.  They assist us in providing home values to our visitors, and more often than not, they receive the listing when the homeowner sees the level of service and professionalism they provide.

Where do I get a home valuation?

Click the link below...


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