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Termite Inspection &
Control Companies

wood termites image termite infestation picture termite colony picture

                                    Western termite control

   Phone: 1-800-WEST-EXT   (1-800-937-8398)
   e-mail: littleman@west-ext.com


                                  Copesan termite removal
   Greenville, SC
   (864) 675-6226
OR 1-800-922-2596


                                 Holder's termite company - pest detection
   10530 Rockley Road, Suite 110
   Houston, TX 77099

   (281) 561-9999 phone
(800) 562-8103 toll-free


Termite inspection, detection, and removal can take many different paths.  Until recently, termite colonies were treated by injecting infected area with chemicals.  Recently, other termite removal methods have been hitting the market.  One such method is a termite baiting system which attracts, poisons, and kills the worker termites.  Another method involves injecting orange extract into the termite infested area.  Of the many termite removal and eradication methods, the chemical treatment method is still the choice of most professionals.  Contact a termite specialist immediately if you suspect termites in or around your home.


Termite Companies